Show me Your glory?

04 Oct

Anybody else have a difficult time staying awake when you get up early in the morning to pray?  Yeah I do to…and the other day I was having a terrible time.  In and out of sleep…and when I would wake up I kept going back to the beginning so I could start over, assuming that it was Jesus who fell asleep and not me.  I would get to the exact same spot and then all of the suddezzzzzzzzzz.  You know what I’m talking about.

So again I wake up but this time I pop out of sleep praying, “show me Your glory.”  Maybe it was my prayer, maybe it was because that song was playing on the radio…like I said it was kind of a fuzzy morning.  But something about that resonated inside of me, and for several minutes I just kept saying, “Show me Your glory.  Come on God, show me Your glory.”  I was getting a little frustrated that God has been so stingy about this.

Then my four year old little Phoebe wakes up… “Daddy what are you doing?”  I told her I was praying.  “Can I sit with you?”  Of course I let her, I wasn’t getting very far in my prayers anyway.

As we were sitting there on the couch, looking out the window she kept telling me how pretty everything was in the morning.  “Wow daddy, the trees are really pretty when it’s still kind of dark out!”  “Look daddy, at how pretty the lights are.”  “Daddy, I can still see the moon…it’s really pretty huh.”

I don’t know what she was after because this morning she was laying it on really think, because she snuggled up into me and said, “I love you daddy.”

Show me Your glory?  My four year old can see it…I couldn’t until she came and jumped into my lap and opened my eyes.  I think it is time to change my prayer…

“Lord help me to see Your glory.”

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