08 Dec

Several years ago Arjay and I were working at the camp grounds in Lexington and one of our weekly responsibilities was to mow the entire camp ground.  We were in High School and so as you can remember it was super important to have a great tan in the summer time.  So lawn mowing days were the perfect time to take off the shirt and work on the tan.  There was only one problem…Grasshoppers.

I hate those things.  I would often look over at Arjay to see him shrieking like a preschool girl and flailing his arms.  So I would drive the tractor over and ask, “Bee?”  To which he would usually respond, “Grasshopper, I hate it when those things land on you.  They freak me out.”

And he is right…just thinking about a grasshopper landing on me is giving me the shivers.  With their prickly, clingy little legs and their big beady eyes.

And it seems that Arjay and I aren’t the only ones that have a problem with grasshoppers.  Did you know that it was grasshoppers and not Giants that kept the Israelites out of the promised land.  Check it out if you don’t believe me.

It is a little surprising isn’t it…you kind of expect the Bible to say something like.  The Israelites gathered together to enter the promised land but an army of Giants with razor sharp teeth and massive swords completely annihilated them.  But it doesn’t…in fact no where in the scripture does it ever indicate that the Giants where ever a problem at all.  But those stinking grasshoppers…well that was another story.

I know that God has amazing things in store for you and me.  Maybe there are even some giants he wants us to take out.  Don’t miss out on God’s best promise because a few little grasshoppers, with their clingy feet and beady eyes scare you.  You are a giant slayer…so don’t worry about the grasshoppers.

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One response to “Grasshoppers

  1. Cara

    December 8, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    Well done….. Grasshopper!!!!!!


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