In Case you Forget…

23 Jan

Having four little ones running around the house we expiernce a lot of emotional roller coaster rides.  Sometimes we have four little angels and parenting is a joy.  Sometimes…well some days are more difficult than others.  But no matter what we give hugs and kisses…lots of squeezes and lots of “I Love You!”  Sometimes I wonder if they even get it…

Sitting at the breakfast table the other day, my four year old daughter Phoebe says, “Daddy I Love You!”  Not..”I love you too.”  She said it first, and believe me that never gets old hearing someone especially your little girl say those words.  Then she floored me with her next comment.

“Daddy, I tell you that a lot because I don’t want you to forget.”

I wonder is their someone in your life who may have forgotten how much you love them, how much you care about them, how much you appreicate them, how much you cherish them.  Maybe it is time to remind them how you feel…you don’t want them to forget.

I understand that this is four year old logic, but it seems pretty legit to me.

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