Could you be more specific?

25 Jan

This Sunday we are going to be starting our Fast as a church.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.  I am full of excitement and anticipation…and at least at this moment am not too worried about the hunger pains that I know I’m going to feel.

If you are interested in what we are going to be talking about this Sunday, I would encourage you to read and study Mark 10:46-52.  It is the story in which Jesus heals a blind man by the name of Bartimaeus, and what I find so interesting is the fact that Jesus forced Bartimaeus to state the obvious.  He forced Bartimaeus to be very specific in his request.

Jesus asked, “What do you want me to do for you?”  

Come on Jesus…isn’t it obvious.  What do you think he wants you to do for him?  Why would Jesus force him to say it out loud?  Why would Jesus force him to state the obvious?  Why would Jesus force him to be so specific?  Have you ever thought about that?

And the blind man said to him, “Rabbi, let me recover my sight.”

You see what happened is he stopped asking for Mercy…and started asking for Sight.  Is it possible that Jesus is asking you to be more specific in your need?  I wonder if Jesus is waiting for you to be crystal clear in identifying the miracle that you are anticipating.

I don’t think that specific needs…miracles…and request scare God.  In fact I think that God is honored by them, why?  Because then only HE can get the credit and the glory.

Many are going to be joining us in this fast, coming next week…maybe we ought to consider how we would answer this question.  “What do you want me to do for you?”

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