Laces Out, Billy.

26 Jan

Sitting at home the other day watching the AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens.  It was a close game that was sure to go into over time.  All Billy Cundiff had to do was make an “easy” field goal…something that he had done thousands of times throughout his career.  As the ball sailed through the air and missed the uprights, the camera flashed to the sidelines and the stunned look of his teammates.  Nobody in that stadium or watching around the world could believe that Cundiff could miss such an easy kick.

Then Melissa, who I didn’t even realize was paying attention, said, “Just like on Ace Ventura…”

“Laces out, Billy.”

Overnight Billy Cundiff becomes famous for his worst professional moment.  I wouldn’t even know his name if he wouldn’t have messed up so bad.  And even though I only know him because of his failure, his failure doesn’t define him, no matter how many people would like to think it does.

I heard a story about another man, his name was David.  He had sex with a married woman that wasn’t his wife.  He murdered a man that was totally committed and faithful to him.  And he did everything he could to bury the truth of his actions.  Sounds like a real stand up guy doesn’t it?

What do you suppose God would have to say about a man like this?  God identifies David as “a man after his own heart.”  Now obviously God wasn’t referring to this particular season in David’s life…and I think that is the whole point.  And we can’t really make the argument that God would have never said that if He would have known what David was going to do…news flash…God knew what David was going to do and he still said it.  So what does this mean?

I believe it is simple, yet life changing.  Your worst moment doesn’t define you.  Not even in the least bit.  You may be living today in a prison of regret and shame.  You may be shackled by guilt and anger.  You may even hear the enemy constantly whisper into your ear… “Laces out…Laces out…Laces out.”

Here is the good news, one of the greatest joys of serving our God…who is a kind and loving Heavenly Father, is that when we miss the kick he doesn’t kick us off the team.  He puts you in a position to try again.

So forget about that last miss…get out there and kick again.  It may just be that the next time the team will carry you off the field on their shoulders.

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One response to “Laces Out, Billy.

  1. Vicki

    January 26, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Amen! Amen! Amen! Thank God for His abundant grace!!!!


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