Just the crumbs…

01 Feb

“If it falls on the ground it goes to the hound.”  I have never really been a pet guy but when Melissa and I got married we decided to get a dog.  Then when we decided to have kids we figured we needed to get another dog so the first dog would have someone (is it right to call dogs someone’s?) to play with.

Fast forward six years and three more kids later…I am really upset that someone didn’t try to smack some sense into me about getting the dogs.  I know I am a horrible pet owner…but we give enough bathes, we feed enough little faces, and we clean up enough poop that the dog has become somewhat of a frustration.  So if you are interested in a well-behaved little doggie, let me know…

However, there is one benefit.  And it suits my laziness with housework…all crumbs get wiped onto the floor.  The dog eats them up.  Not sure if Melissa would appreciate me sharing that with everyone, but it’s true.  I refuse to pick up dropped food off the floor.  If it falls on the ground it goes to the hound.

Sure it isn’t much, just a taste…but he really seems to enjoy it.

Matthew 15 tells us a story about a Canaanite Woman who was so desperate for Jesus to intervene.  She was so hungry for the Bread of Life that she was willing to dig through the scraps and settle for the crumbs.

She had a daughter who was being attacked by a demon and she needed a miracle.  She begged Jesus for a miracle and in a strange response that seems out of character for Jesus he says, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.”  It seemed her response surprised even Jesus when she said, “Yes, Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters table.”  She was content to eat the crumbs…she knew that one crumb from the Bread of Life was enough to satisfy her completely.  She knew that one crumb could meet her every need.

Are you desperate?  Are you so hungry for the Bread of Life that even the crumbs sound good?

I have good news, as you fast you are trading in physical bread for Spiritual Bread.  And even though one single crumb from the Bread of Life is enough to radically change your life, Jesus has invited you to sit and eat freely of the Whole Loaf.

Stay Hungry.

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