All over the place…

14 Feb

I was talking to Melissa the other day, or rather she was talking to me about her Bible reading.  First off, let me say how thankful I am to have a wife that reads her Bible everyday.  Sometimes I will flip through her Bible and open her prayer journal just to see what is going on.  I don’t know if she is ok with that and I guess I am telling on myself a little bit…but oh well.  And on this Valentine Day, so filled with love and romance let me say, “A wife who reads her Bible is sexy!”  That’s The Truth, Truth.

So she was telling me all of the things that God was speaking to her through the Bible reading and referring to all of her highlights and notes that she made in her Bible.  Best lunch conversation we have had in a while.  Talking about the Bible and the goodness, and faithfulness of God.  But it got me thinking…what a great idea.  I want to take a minute and share with you some of the things the Holy Spirit has highlighted for me.  It may feel like it’s all over the place…

Isaiah 53:5  I circled this promise.  …with his stripes we are healed.  It is the Word, go ahead and stand on that today.

Isaiah 54:1-3  Praying that God will bless North Shore church with this same type of blessing.  Growth…expansion…enlargement.  For this generation and for the generations to come.  Lord, give us an Isaiah 54:1-3 anointing.

Isaiah 55:1  How great is the salvation of the Lord.  Salvation is free…like the man with no money feasting at the finest restaurant in New York.  I love how great our God is that He lavishes us with His love and affection.

Isaiah 55:8  This is good to know.  I feel pretty good about serving a God who is infinitely smarter than I am.

Isaiah 55:10-11  This is a portion that I have circled and highlighted in my Bible.  As a pastor I am going to stand on this with freedom and confidence.  It is not my words that do anything…but the Word of God has tremendous power.  And not one letter or punctuation mark in His Word will ever go to waste.

Isaiah 56:3-5  Read this promise.  It is amazing.  If you are feeling hopeless and defeated.  If you are feeling like God has forgotten about you and your future has nothing to offer.  Circle this in your Bible.  God has a destiny for you that is greater than anything your circumstances would ever allow.

Isaiah 57:13  Was a little scary.  Got to make sure I don’t have anything in the place of God.  Had to do a little soul searching at this point.

Isaiah 58:1  Good to know that it is ok to call sin…sin.  To boldly proclaim the truth of the Gospel and let people know what God thinks about sin.

Isaiah 59:1-2  Sometimes, God doesn’t hear my prayers…not because He is busy or weak.  Not because He is unable to handle the load of being Almighty God.  But because my sin has created a separation between us.  My sin is like a self-inflicted separation with the Lord.  It is usually easier to blame God for not listening than it is to look closely at the sin in my life that is causing the seperation.

I could keep going but am feeling a little carpel tunnel setting in…gonna pray Isaiah 53:5 over my wrists.

How about you?  How has the Holy Spirit been speaking to you?

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One response to “All over the place…

  1. Arlene Herman

    February 15, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    As I was reading through Isaiah I was thinking that it was such a hard book to read, as God had Isaiah report so many tragic judgements to nations, kings, people, etc. Then I would come across one of the wonderful scriptures or promises including those you mentioned and realized that there were so many “jewels” hidden in Isaiah! Isn’t that just like God? Even though we go through some difficult times and things in our lives, God is always dropping blessings, wonderful scriptures, people with a helping hand, etc. to make it possible to get through those difficult times.


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