Comforting Kisses…

20 Feb

If ever someone in my family has to take a trip to the hospital it will usually mean one of two things. One…Melissa is about to have a baby. Or two…something happened to Titus. I guess Titus decided since he hadn’t been in a while so, he would do a flying kung-fu kick off a bounce house and break his leg. It was a perfect ending to a long and draining day.

Through screams of pain and a quick diagnosis by our Children’s Director…we knew that an emergency room run was in our immediate future. Turns out she was right. A couple hours later and a couple of x-rays later he was home all casted up, laying on the couch catching up on Dinosaur Train.

As I was sitting there looking at him and holding his hand I couldn’t help but hurt inside. I wondered why God would allow this to happen. I know it is just a broken leg and he will ultimately be fine…but still, come on. Titus was sitting there pretty proud of his new cast and I was having a little pity party. But then I looked closer and really realized what was going.  I saw Abram leaning over Titus and rubbing his hair. About every 15 seconds he would lean over and give him a little kiss on the head. And it isn’t like they were talking about the cast they were just watching Dinosaur Train…and Abram was right there comforting his little brother.

And it reminded me of that horrible verse in James, “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds…” Who would ever count trials, hardship, or pain, joy? It makes no sense. But as I was watching this moment between Big Brother and Little Brother…I couldn’t help but wonder if in our hurt and our pain God is there kissing our foreheads and stroking our hair. If in our trials and hardships that God doesn’t come into our world and stick closer than a brother. If perhaps our greatest moments of sweet intimacy are birthed out of the moments of the most intense pain.

Again…I know it is just a broken leg and he will be back and crazier than ever in a couple of months. But through it I have gained a better understanding of Christ’s compassion for those who are hurting…those who are lost…and those who are in need of comfort. And it is all because my little boy broke his leg and my big boy comforted him with kisses.


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2 responses to “Comforting Kisses…

  1. Crystal

    February 20, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Very comforting words Pastor Chris, get well soon Titus!

  2. Pam

    February 22, 2012 at 1:34 am

    Pastor Chris, I have truly enjoyed reading your Blogs and thought I should tell you so. It is comforting to know we do have a God who cares so very much for us. Thanks for the reminder!! Sorry to hear about Titus, hope he is getting a long okay?


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