Real Life Missionaries…

22 Feb

What a great opportunity that my wife and I had this last week to catch up with some old college friends. Of course they are not “old” but they were from the “good old days”. They are currently in the process of raising funds to go to the Czech Republic to work at a college there.  After spending a few days with them I can assure you that I have a new found respect and passion for those who are leaving the comforts of home and serving so faithfully in the mission field.

I realized that one of the problems I have had is that missionaries actually have faces. What I mean by that is I’ve always somewhat just pigeon holed missionaries as faceless personalities that tell good stories and are after your money. Maybe I am just slow to the game but it took a visit with Jesse and Sara to realize that our missionaries have faces…they have fears, worries, and doubts just like me. They want the best for their family. They are concerned with the safety and health of their children. They think about everyday practical things like…getting warm hats because they will not have a car to drive…not being able to drink the water…and getting used to paying to use the restrooms in public.

After hearing about Jesse and Sara’s situation that they are about to enter, I had to ask an honest question, “And this is really something that you are wanting to do?” The response was so simple and genuine, “It Really Is.” Thank you God for our missionaries…they truly are kingdom heroes.

Lord…I ask you to go before the Jones family. Pave the way for them to be successful in everything they touch. Give them the same kind of favor that Joseph had when he was taken into a foreign nation. We ask you to be their Great Physician and heal every sickness…seizure…earache…and sniffle that may come their way, that you would be their family physician and ER doctor. We pray that they not ever have to enter a hospital unless they are going to pray for someone in the church or the college. Bring finances in from the north, south, east, and west so that they could focus not on money but on prayer and preparation to do the Kingdom work that you have for them. Finally we are asking that their boys would be emboldened through their spiritual sensitivities…let them see with physical eyes that the ONE that lives in them is greater than the one that lives in the world. Thank you Jesus for our missionary friends and their obedience to follow your call.

Check out their website, and make sure to pray for my friends.

North Shore…I’m not sure if you knew this or not but our missionaries are real life people. Find a missionary…listen to their story…and overwhelm them with prayers and support.

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