Hidden Treasure

06 Mar

I feel like I should be on an episode of American Pickers.  You know the guys who travel around to all sorts of remote places to see if they can find hidden treasure.  Maybe some old antique that they can clean up and sell for a big profit.  Well I discovered a dusty old treasure today.

I found an old prayer journal that I had written in during a very challenging time in my life.  I blew off the dust and began flipping through the pages.  I remember those old feelings of discouragement.  I remember feeling like none of my prayers were being heard by God.  I remember those times when I was demanding God to intervene.  And I remember those times when I was full of doubt…wallowing in my self-pity.

Reading through that prayer journal now makes me excited and makes me laugh.  First off, I wonder if God thinks I’m a little bit bi-polar.  One day was, “God I feel You near” and the next day was “God where are You?”  It was interesting to me to see how constant was the struggle in me to keep my trust in the Lord when He wasn’t working on my timetable.

But here is the catch…you know how they say, “hindsight is 20/20.”  I get it… and this is why this discovery has proven so valuable to me today.  As I was reading it and remembering my frustrations, thinking, how I have a hindsight perspective now and see things in a totally different light.  I now get to see that those things I was upset with where the very things that God was using to reveal His glory.  I see now that every step was a step that God was leading me to take.  I see now that every effort and every prayer was heard by God and answered according to his perfect will.  Hindsight is 20/20…but it also gives you fresh vision for the future.

If you have an old prayer journal, dust it off… my guess is there is some hidden treasure to be discovered.  If you don’t, then I suggest you start one today.  Who knows there may be a day down the road when that old dusty prayer journal is just the corrective lens that you need to see the Glory of God in your current situation.

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