A Sneak Peak…

08 Mar

I can not wait for Easter this year, and their are a couple of reasons why.  First off every Easter we require my Grandma to make Jell-O eggs and Jell-O beans.  If she doesn’t have those with her we will lock her out of the house and pull the blinds.  That is just the way it is…deal with it Grandma.

Second… after we color (what is going to be three dozen eggs this year), hide then find, then hide and find about 10 more times we have a big hard boiled egg peeling party and Melissa makes a vat of Chicken Salad.  It is the best Chicken Salad that I have ever tasted.  I won’t actually lock her out of the house if she refuses like I would Grandma…but it is still an important part of the deal.

The third reason why I am excited for this Easter is because I believe that God is going to move in a powerful way in our Sunday Service.  We are doing a message titled What’s the Point?  And I am believing that the Holy Spirit is going to answer that question in the hearts of many people in a very clear and powerful way.  So here is the deal North Shore we need your help.

We have 5,000 (you heard me right) Easter invitations that we need to give out.  This year we are going to make it a point to personally invite people to join us this Easter.  But not only are we handing out invitations we are going to surround this town in prayer.  The next three Tuesdays we are doing a prayer walk at 1:00 PM…let me know if you are interested in joining.  We have a Palm Sunday Party scheduled for the kids.  And on the Tuesday night before Easter we are going to get together for a Night of Worship and P
rayer.  The reason for that is two fold…first to prepare our church for the big Easter Sunday, and second to beg God to prepare the hearts of those who will be at the service so that they will be ready to commit their lives to Jesus on that day.

I hope that you are excited for Easter this year…it is sure to be a day to celebrate new life.

{all the Easter Invites in stacks of 10 – we will be handing these out this Sunday}


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2 responses to “A Sneak Peak…

  1. Rebecca

    March 9, 2012 at 2:04 am

    I know my kids would love to have their Grandma,, Sandy join North Shore Assembly of GOD for Easter and forevermore but sge feels she don’t hsve to attend church in order to believe or to be saved. So sad 😦

    • Chris Johnson

      March 9, 2012 at 2:36 am

      We will be praying that this is the year that Sandy starts coming with you.


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