13 Mar

Just completed the first leg of our prayer walk around Hastings.  We have decided that this year we are going to pray that God would bring us a supernatural increase this year on Easter Sunday.  We are believing that many will be compelled to come to North Shore on that day and that they will be ready to experience new life.  And I couldn’t shake the feeling that every single step and every single drop of sweat (it was a beautiful day) echoed through Heaven as a prayer for the lost.

One of my prayers for the staff of this church is that Jesus would “teach us to fish.”  Do you remember the story of Peter the professional fisherman out all night and he completely struck out.  Didn’t catch one single thing and was ready to call it a day.  But Jesus showed up and gave one word of instruction and Peter brought in the catch of a lifetime.

Lord we are going to give our best effort to advance the kingdom every single day…but we know that our best is not good enough.  So as we work like it all depends on us and we are going to pray like it all depends on you.  We will continue to do our best…but we wait in anxious anticipation to hear you say, “cast your nets to the other side.”  Knowing that one word, one instruction, or one command from you has the power to bring about the miraculous.  Jesus teach us here at North Shore how to fish.  

Going fishing…

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