You are perfect for the job.

29 May

I apologize that some of the blogging has been put on the back burner these last few weeks. I’m gonna use the new addition to our family as an excuse. I will leave it up to you to judge whether it is a valid excuse or not. So lately my world has been mostly consumed with my kids…as we watch them kiss, cuddle, and fight over who gets to hold their new baby sister. Not to mention all of the late nights and early mornings. But as I think about all my kids I realize that every single one has taught me a valuable lesson.

Abram is my oldest and he is the smartest and funniest kid that I know. Everyday he makes me laugh. And in our family he has a lot of responsibility. He has three sisters and one brother to look after. Melissa spoke a blessing over him at a very early age and it was a blessing of leadership. I knew the moment that Melissa spoke it that it was directly from the Lord. However, what I am realizing in Abram is that his personality is more laid back and passive. And not every leader wants to lead.

Some people aspire to leadership…others need to have leadership qualities drawn out. And sometimes God places us in situations to lead even though we may not want to or even be comfortable doing it.

As I look at my kids I know Abram is the oldest for a reason. Like it or not he will feel the pressure to lead and be an example to his siblings. Sometimes he will struggle with the pressure of it, and sometimes he will embrace the privilege of it.  Sure it is going to take some intentional parenting to draw some of his leadership qualities out but the reality is he is perfect for the job.

The underlying truth of the matter is that God knew what he was doing placing him in that position of leadership and God knows what he is doing in placing you in the position of leadership that you are in as well.

You may not want to lead, but God has called you to lead for His Glory and His Kingdom. It’s not always fun and it isn’t always easy and it is almost never fair.  Lead anyway… you are perfect for the job.

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